Your social media solved.

The Content Calendar System gives you daily content prompts & captions from 6 proven categories… all planned out for you for 2 whole years!  🙌  

How it works

Pull up the Content Calendar to view your social media plan for 24 months

This is your bird’s eye view with 730 daily idea prompts organized into 6 color-coded categories that give you a bullseye content mix. And, holidays are baked in so you never miss one again!


Want more caption options? Load up the Content Library to see all 620 of them!

Managing hundreds of ideas & captions is a snap. Want to make a change to your calendar?  View them all at-a-glance and swap! Get versatility while maintaining an ideal mix of content.



Stuck on what to post? ✓ SOLVED
Not seeing results with what you’re doing now? ✓ SOLVED
Never enough time to get it done? ✓ SOLVED

 Solve your social media struggles with “What should I post today?” prompts for 730 days+ 620 captions already written for you!  

Want to put your unique twist on the copy? Pull up the Caption Docs!

Each set of captions come in separate documents linked from your library — allowing you to dig in and make them your own if you want to. 

Maximize reach without spending more time with the Repurposing Bank

Rather than “finding more time” to create enough content to get visible, we show you how to leverage everything you create with very little extra effort.

Guaranteed to speed up your workflow and help you get more mileage out of every single piece of content, and it’s available in the tools you already use and love!
Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Microsoft Excel, Printable .PDFs, + optional Trello board.


Whoop whoop!

Get back to your high-impact tasks in a fraction of the time knowing you’re finally making social media work for your business…

Know exactly what to post and why you’re posting it
 Connect with your ideal customers consistently (this is key!)
 Stop feeling like you need to “catch up” with social media
✓ Show up with value for your audience no matter your mood or energy level
 Effortlessly connect your content to business goals
 Freedom from “I know I should be doing more, but…” shame FOREVER!

Say good riddance to feeling like you “suck at social media” because it seems to be so fun & easy for everybody else.

The truth is without a system, it’s virtually impossible to get results on social media unless you spend hours and hours each week feeding the content beast.

(Even then, you can easily squander all that time if your strategy consists of “just winging it.”)

Even though filling out that tiny little space with text SEEMS like it should be a quick task…

You have to come up with IDEAS, connect them to business goals, and then write captions that are captivating and compelling … it’s a huuuuuge time suck!

Not only that, all of that takes tremendous creative and mental energy…

Energy that is absolutely better reserved for more important things in your business than staring at your screen trying to figure out what to post.

So here’s what we want to know…

 Where could your business be 3 months from now if you were to spend 90% less time on social media while showing up with more value more consistently?

We cracked the code to make social media simpler

No more shooting in the dark with what to share! After struggling with the “what the heck do we post” question and analyzing the content of hundreds of social media experts, it turns out there are six content ‘buckets’ that get people paying attention.


“Ice-breaker” content gets personal and gives people a peek under the hood at your business and life.


Motivational content signals “good content” to the algorithms so more people find it.  


Comment-boosting content gets people engaging and interacting – another signal to the algorithms.


Teaching content positions you as a go-to resource, builds your know/like/trust factor, gives people insane value 


Promotional content sells your products and services in an authentic, non-salesy way that feels right.


Go-to” content leverages content you’ve already created to amplify your message and maximize your reach. 

The Content Calendar System takes care of planning out the mix of the right content for you to get results on social media and eliminates ever starting from scratch.

All you need is 5 minutes to grab, tweak, and post! 

Imagine life on the social media fast track to creating content that engages and converts…


Flip open your calendar already planned for 2+ years

Just tweak your post for the day and you’re done in 5 minutes tops. It’s THAT effortless and THAT turnkey.


Grab pre-written posts so you never get stuck turning the ideas into captions

Instead of waiting for a sudden burst of inspiration or struggling to frame your posts, you have a library of heavy-hitting content to pull from designed to meet business objectives.

Tons of options in 6 essential categories!


Build your know/like/trust factor by sharing your story and giving people a peek under the hood at your business and life.


Motivational quotes that inspire your followers and signal “good content” to the algorithms so more people find it.


Comment-boosting questions that get people engaging and signal to the algorithms that your content is high quality.


Popular social media holidays and observances, including Mother’s Day, Cyber Monday, National Pet Day and more


Go-to captions that position you as the expert in your niche, provide value to your followers, and help you reach a broader audience. 


Captions that promote your products and services in an authentic way that makes people want to work with you.


Log in to your "content hub" to review the entire system at-a-glance

Your content library is where your idea prompts and captions come together in one clean spreadsheet so you can easily grab the best idea, copy the caption, and post.


Get exponentially more mileage out of each post without spending more time

No more one-off posts, videos or emails! The Repurposing Bank helps you expand your reach and influence across platforms.with a system that leverges the content you’ve already created.

Think of the hours you’ll save in just one week when you’re not staring at a blinking cursor at a loss for what to share… 

We’re giving you 
104 weeks of freedom from blank page anxiety 
for one low price…

Hurray! 🎉


Use the system to build your platform everywhere…

Daily Social Media Posts

Stories, IGTV & YouTube videos

Blog & podcast topics

Weekly email broadcasts

Inside the system we show you how to easily repurpose everything to reach a broader audience, and get even more clicks, leads and sales with little to no extra effort.

You’ll have hundreds and hundreds of engaging and strategic caption templates and post ideas that will keep your audience paying attention. Add value, build your list, and increase demand for your offers.

By now you’ve probably already calculated the value of the time you’ll save (not to mention the stress),
but consider this…


We’ve hired copywriters to create social media posts for us..
and STILL had to spend time tweaking them and paid anywhere from $10 to $15 per post!

We’ve seen similar solutions on the market but…

They either give you the ideas and call it good (it’s still up to you to WRITE THE POSTS!)…

Or, they lock you into monthly subscription plans that can cost as much $67 per month!

With the Content Calendar System you’re getting a complete solution…

Strategy + Daily Content ideas + Grab & Post Captions + Repurposing


It’s like having professional copywriters & content strategists in your back pocket, for WAYYY less money. 

Get the entire system for a one-time fee and lifetime access for just $289 $37!


Holidays & Special Observances Cheat Sheets


A complete list of 400 social media holidays, national days and special observances. 

You’ll have regular holidays like Mother’s Day, promo days like Cyber Monday, and special days like Get to Know Your Customers Day.

The most popular social media holidays are right at the top so you don’t get overwhelmed and can quickly see them.

And you’ll have 104 pre-written holiday captions to pair with them.


Post Boosting Cheat Sheets


No more googling ‘checkmark’ emojis or wondering how to generate leads!

These cheat sheets will help add your unique expressions and get more people commenting, clicking, and messaging.

You’ll have 100 popular emojis and 27 highly converting, highly engaging CTAs at your fingertips.


Unique Messaging Worksheet

Copy secrets with worksheets and examples to help you get more clicks, comments, and sales

We give you the structural blueprint to use in your messages – with explanations and examples so you never get stuck or draw a blank. 

Use these as a framework for your ‘Educate’ content.

You’ll know exactly which sections to include in your messages, and how to transition from your intro to your calls to action in a natural, authentic way that feels like you.


7 Content Workflow Tutorials 

The real power of The Content Calendar System comes when you use it as a cohesive content planning and repurposing vehicle. 

We break down each component and show you how to do it.

The Content Calendar System
+ bonuses are a $1,069 value

Daily Social Media Ideas

Plug-and-Play Captions

Holidays & Observances Listed Out

Emojis & calls to Action Templates


You Got This!

Exclusive offer when you enroll…

Add The Content Calendar System for Trello to your order for just $9 more! Regularly sold for $199 ~ that’s a 95% savings!

✓ Save even more time with the Trello Calendar board

  • Trello is the no-brainer way to manage your social media content!
  • Every content idea and caption laid out for you in one simple board
  • View your calendar by week or by month, grab your content and share
  • Perfect for VAs and teams!
  • Learn how to reschedule and repurpose every post you share – easily extend your calendar another 2 years!

✓ Store all your original content in the Trello Repurposing board

  • Visually see all the content you’ve created & shared
  • No more losing track of everything you’ve created
  • Include customer testimonials, podcasts, blog posts, emails, interviews, freebies, free courses – everything you have in your content mix!
  • Quick and easy tips to help you organize your lists for maximum productivity

Want to save even more time?

Get the Social Media Graphics Power Pack Canva Templates!

Over 700 Customizable Image Templates for Posts and Stories that work perfectly with the Content Calendar System. Post as-is or edit them to fit your brand and aesthetic. Includes Canva tutorials and design tips so you can quickly edit them + working with files, folders, elements, images and more..




The Content Calendar System was created for…

People who want to turn more fans into customers.

You have a social media following (or are building one fast) and would LOVE to share content that pre-sells your business and increases sales.

Entrepreneurs who want to build an incredible online community.

You want to build a tribe with thousands of followers and become a go-to-authority and resource in your niche (so that potential customers seek you out).

Busy entrepreneur and biz owners who need more time and less tress!

What you need is a content strategy and posting system that saves you time AND grows your business (so you can focus on the other things in your business, and in life, you love to do).

People who have an online business of any kind and need to market it effectively.

You want to market your online business on social media but don’t know have time to create content. You want a plug-and-play system that makes it easy.

Bloggers and content creators who need to create social media content, fast.

You know you have to show up for your audience but it’s impossible to find the time. What you want more than anything else is a system that helps you show up MORE with less effort.

Coaches and consultants who want more sales.

You’re itching to use social media to 10X your traffic and get more of your dream clients and customers. The Content Calendar System will help you do both.

We’re confident you’ll love The Content Calendar System because it’ll save you dozens of hours each week AND help you connect with the right customers. While we normally don’t offer refunds on templates like these, we know it’s going to be a game-changer for you. 

So if for any reason you’re not thrilled with it, simply email us here within 7 days of purchase and we’ll give you a full refund.

How long do I have access to the calendars and everything else?

It’s yours forever! You get lifetime access to all of them.

How do I use the calendar system?

Easy! After you enroll, we’ll send you links to download all the files. Plus, we’ll show you how to start using them so you get the best results.

What if I’m unhappy with CCS? Can I get a refund?

We always want you to be 100% thrilled with The Content Calendar System! We usually don’t offer refunds on templates like these that you can download and start using right away. But we believe in this so much that we’re willing to bend the rules a bit. 

So if you’re reading this and aren’t 100% thrilled with CCS, just let us know at with 7 days of purchase for a full refund.   

Will this work for my business?

Short answer is, yes. We designed CCS for infopreneurs, coaches, content creators, bloggers and service providers. That said, you can use it for physical products just as easily as digital products and services.

No matter what type of business you’re in, the content buckets in CCS are the ones you need to be sharing. And regardless of what you’re selling, you have to keep showing up consistently. Your captions have to be structured in a way that builds your credibility, grows your following, drives engagement, and generates business. CCS does all that.

Is it really possible to create content without spending dozens of hours or stressing over what to write?

Yes! It is absolutely possible when you have a starting point. 

Picture this:

You grab a caption from the calendar, tweak it and share it. Or maybe today you feel like taking a spin around the content library instead, you can do that too. Even better, you love Trello and want to work there. No problem.  

You can work the way you want to work…lightening fast…without the dreaded stress of staring at a blank cursor for hours. 

Should I buy CCS if I don't have a social media presence yet?

CCS is a must if you’re just starting out. The fastest way to build your following is to show up consistently with great content. More than anything else, that’s what will attract people to your business. CCS keeps you 10 steps ahead so you can do just that.

How good is the quality of these captions?

We spent months and months studying top-performing posts to figure out what goes into persuasive captions that check all the boxes: 

Engage –> Connect –> Teach –> Convert

You’ll find shorter captions inside Ask, Inspire and Holiday. That’s because the purpose of those posts is to increase engagement, get people talking, and get your posts found by more people. Convert, Connect, and Evergreen are longer because they have a different purpose: To hook people in and get them to take the next step with you. 

We drill down on the content buckets inside CCS so that you understand the role of each type of post you’ll be sharing. 

I'm afraid to put myself out there. What do I need to do?

We totally get how you feel. We still feel jitters every time we share a new post. 

Our approach would be to commit to one month of consistent posting. Share regularly like your life depends on it, and try to ignore that queazy feeling. Our guess is that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what happens next. 🙂

Remember, a strong online presence and strategy is crucial for your business. Putting yourself out there is a non-negotiable.

Who’s behind this?

Hey there! We’re Taughnee and Sandra.

Taughnee Stone, Sandra ClaytonWe created The Content Calendar System because some weeks we’d feel like rockstars and could hole up writing for days. Then we’d share zilch because we just couldn’t find the time, or we didn’t feel inspired, or it was just plain easier to put it off.

We needed a better plan than “batch your content”. What we really wanted was a grab-n-go content system that was also STRATEGIC.

So we hunted around for planners and calendars but none hit the mark. We wanted more than just content ideas. And we didn’t want to sign up for monthly memberships or have to pay for expensive copywriters.

What we really needed was a time-saving, affordable system that gave us the ideas AND the captions. So could teach our audience and show up regularly while bringing in cash and selling our digital products.

So we started documenting our best posts – the ones that put money in the bank and that our followers loved. And we studied other influencers and brands to find common threads in their highest-performing content.

Then we created a posting library with fill-in-the-blank templates. We divided the content topics into buckets that all work together to build your following, boost your engagement, and bring in leads and sales. And you know what? Now we love creating posts because we don’t have to start from scratch. And neither do you!

We’re super pumped to bring you a simple and affordable solution to help you roll out content and build your business with social media…without stress and overwhelm!

Payment Options

CCS comes with two affordable payment options: You can buy the Google Sheets Calendar System or Google Sheets/Trello Calendar Bundle.


Content Calendar System

730 Daily Content Ideas

Formats included: Google Sheets, Excel, Google Calendar, and Printable PDF. ($199 value )


620 Plug-and-Play Caption Templates

($499 value )


Content Library & Repurposing Bank

($274value )


All the bonuses!

400 social media holidays, social media copy secrets, emoji cheat sheet, CTA swipe files (value $97)

Total value $1,069


Content Calendar System

730 Daily Content Ideas

Formats included: Google Sheets, Excel, Google Calendar, and Printable PDF. ($199 value )


620 Plug-and-Play Caption Templates

($499 value )


Content Library & Repurposing Bank

($274value )


Trello Repurposing Board

($29 value)


2021-2022 Trello Calendar Board with captions

($170 value)


All the bonuses!

400 social media holidays, social media copy secrets, emoji cheat sheet, CTA swipe files (value $97)

Total value $1,268 


Content Calendar System

730 Daily Content Ideas

Formats included: Google Sheets, Excel, Google Calendar, and Printable PDF. ($199 value )


620 Plug-and-Play Caption Templates

($499 value )


Content Library & Repurposing Bank

($274value )


All the bonuses!

400 social media holidays, social media copy secrets, emoji cheat sheet, CTA swipe files (value $97)

Total value $1,069


Content Calendar System

730 Daily Content Ideas

Formats included: Google Sheets, Excel, Google Calendar, and Printable PDF. ($199 value )


620 Plug-and-Play Caption Templates

($499 value )


Content Library & Repurposing Bank

($274value )


Trello Repurposing Board

($29 value)


2021-2022 Trello Calendar Board with captions

($170 value)


All the bonuses!

400 social media holidays, social media copy secrets, emoji cheat sheet, CTA swipe files (value $97)

Total value $1,268 

We’re super bummed you won’t be joining us…but we still want to help you amplify your results from social media. 

Please grab this list of 90 content ideas before you go!

social media content ideas